New Crom Page online / Of love & death out now!

The new CROM website is now online – welcome everyone!! The artwork has all been improved and the contents will be updated regularly.

After a long journey, work on the new album “Of Love and Death” is finished and a release date has been set for the 25th of November. “Of Love and Death” contains eight epic songs which we actually began recording at the same time as “Vengeance” back in 2006. Due to various personal commitments the tracks were put on hold until 2010 when I was able to finally enter the studios to finish recording the vocals and complete the album, and special thanks go to V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS, TRIPTYKON) for the great job he did on mixing the album.

Artwork for the album was once again in the hands of the fantastic Kris Verwimp who has worked on almost all of CROM’s previous releases and whose creations for metal bands is legendary the world-over.

And of course, you will be able to buy “Of Love and Death” directly from me, and you can order in advance right now. You will find details on how to order in the Order section, together with all other available CROM merchandise.



29.11.2011 09:16

Of love and death is out now!!!

Of love & death is out now!!! Since Friday 25th of November you can order "Of love &...
11.11.2011 13:02

Of love & death trailer online

You can watch the official trailer for “Of Love and Death” in the video section, where you can...


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Order now...